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Chinese astrology

When boeddha "according to the legend" called al animals before he left the earth there only came 12 animals who did say goodbye. The rat came first, then the ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooste, dog en last but not least the pig. As a reward he gave every year a name of the animal. Thats the way how we got 12 chinese animal signs.



The Yin or Yang is broken down into Five Elements (Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth) on top of the cycle of animals. These are modifiers and affect the characteristics of each of the 12 signs. Each element has features that apply to both years and the animals. Each of the 12 animals are governed by an element plus a Yin Yang Direction.

  • Metal; (Venus), energy, longs, harvest
  • Water; (Mercury), calm, the kidneys, the period for wood, art.
  • Wood; (Jupiter), distraction, the liver, beginning, creating
  • Fire; (Mars),  wisdom,  the heart. Heat and war.
  • Earth; (Saturn), trust, caution, the Spleen, business, finances. 


Inner animals:

The hours or comparable with the acsendant in the western astrology.

The attitude you give at your surroundings how others see you and how you want to be seen.



The Chinese zodiac is also used to label times of day.


23.00- 01.00 - Rat

01.00- 03.00 - ox

03.00- 05.00 - tiger

05.00- 07.00 - rabbit

07.00- 09.00 - dragon

09.00- 11.00 - snake

11.00- 13.00 - horse

13.00- 15.00 - sheep

15.00- 17.00 - monkey

17.00- 19.00 - rooster

19.00- 21.00 - dog

21.00- 23.00 - pig  

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